I am a frequent flyer on Delta Airlines. Fortunately I did not travel this week and avoided the system outage that resulted in hundreds of cancelled flights. Everyone is talking about how the disruption of service affected travelers and there is no doubt that the impact was significant. Others are speculating how this incident, and a similar one at Southwest, will impact these companies in the long-term.

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Harry Hutson & Martha Johnson, Authors, Navigating an Organizational Crisis: When Leadership Matters Most 

Leaders are confronted with a daily barrage of demands and decisions. It's hard to step back and consider the possibility of disasters. Some wonder if such thinking is morbid and fatalistic. But under it all, leaders hold on to myths that keep them from being properly prepared.

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Men experiencing contraction pains has proven popular in Jinan, China. In fact, Jinan Aima Maternity Hospital opened its “Pain Experience Camp” in November, and in a misguided attempt to show solidarity with their pregnant wives, more than three hundred men have signed up to experience the electric shock meant to simulate the sensation of childbirth.



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