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Robert Reid, CEO, Intacct

When it comes to outstanding customer service, I say live by the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they would want to be done unto.” Treat customers the way they want to be treated, not the way you would want to be treated.  This requires you to understand their perspective and what is important to them.  Many times organizations get caught up in what they would want, and then disappoint the customer. This is the only way to achieve enough empathy and perspective to keep customers coming back for more.

Do you sometimes feel like the person or organization that you are buying from acts like they are doing you a favor? I do. You go into a store and literally have to tackle someone to help you. You call a company and don't get a call back for days. You get the distinct impression that you are an inconvenience rather than a customer. We have all had those experiences. Several recent events have caused me to think about this whole area we call “customer service” or the now popular term “customer experience.”

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John Dowling

A vision without value is a pipe dream.  Let’s examine some real life success stories as examples of what value has meant to these successful visionary ideas.



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