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Merrick Rosenberg, Author, The Chameleon & CEO of Take Flight Learning 

What does it mean to “satisfy” a customer? A typical business executive might tell you that it means fulfilling unmet needs with a product or service. I would argue that’s only half the story. To satisfy customers, we also have to meet inner needs rooted in personality.

The four personality styles of the DISC model shed light on these intrinsic needs. Generally, people identify with one personality style or a combination of two. I represent the four styles with birds to make them easy to remember:

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Alex Raymond, CEO, Kapta

It’s time to change the way we set goals. We all create them for our companies and ourselves, hoping to reach them. Roadmap may be an overused word these days, but that’s exactly what goals are - lamps on the path to success. A company without them is a company that stagnates. So given how important they are, why is goal setting such a dry and obligatory exercise at many companies?

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One of the most impactful areas to create a radical shift in business growth and results is to be able to distinguish between what you are doing” each day (i.e., work deliverables) and who you are being as a leader.   All businesses are results oriented, but what is it that makes one business more successful than another in a similar market? How is it that one company can cultivate more clients, more revenue, and attract more talent to their company? 

Within an organization, there is an energy flow.   I refer to it as the “Infinite Possibilities Cycle.”


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