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Chip R. Bell

I arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead in Atlanta late in the afternoon at the end of a week on the road.  My dress pants needed pressing for an early morning keynote.  Dialing the hotel housekeeping department I was told that someone would be right up to get my trousers.  Moments later, a tiny Asian women in her mid-fifties knocked on my door.  When I gave her my pants she informed me she would have them back to me in less than an hour.  “If you have to leave,” she told me, “your pants will be waiting for you in your closet.”

How to Achive Customer Affinity?  Provide Exquisite Care!

When you move beyond providing "customer service" and connect at a deeper level by providing solutions, it allows you to "understand and care."  It takes the customer's experience to an entirely new level.  When you genuinely care for your customer, they can feel it -- it touches their heart.  You truly make a difference in their life and business.  This results in Customer Affinity where your customers promote your business to others, resulting in increased revenues and market share.

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Chip R. Bell, author, The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service

Organizations struggle to unravel the real reasons their valued customers leave.  Most gather explanations as a customer closes an account.  What they learn is almost always a tiny glimpse at a misleading symptom and almost never the accurate diagnosis of the true issue. For example, customers rarely leave because of price, changing needs, or poor quality.  Customer insights come from methods that unearth the truth rather than a conflict-avoiding excuse.  Customer forensics® is the deliberate study of the accurate reasons customers leave. 



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