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Dr. Mario Moussa, Dr. Derek Newberry & Madeline Boyer, Authors, Committed Teams: Three Steps to Inspiring Passion and Performance

The executive team at Ford Motor Company in the 1950s made one of the best decisions and then one of the worst decisions in company history.  Our research and experience at the Wharton School tells us that the Ford team is not alone in its schizophrenic decision-making; even the smartest groups often make poor choices.  Understanding why can help you ensure that you consistently get the best out of your top team. Let’s look at what went right, and then wrong, at Ford:

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Daniel Wagner & Dante Disparte, Authors, Global Risk Agility and Decision Making

As risks have evolved from being phenomenological occurrences in the natural world, the twenty-first century is in many ways the era of man-made risk and man-stoked fires. From cyber risk--which is increasingly mutating to impact all facets of the modern economy--to terrorism, climate change, and reputation risk, mounting a credible defense to these risks requires as much soft skill as it does technical risk and analytical capabilities. Moreover, twenty-first century survival depends very much on our ability to harness risk, encourage bounded risk taking, and improving overall organizational and societal resilience.

the ceo magazine, decision making,
Ash Noah, VP of CGMA External Relations, AICPA

Rapid strategic decision making is becoming increasingly critical for businesses to stay competitive and successful. It is also becoming harder and harder for today’s CEOs to do, as they have to contend with a host of challenges like market volatility, traditional business models becoming outdated, the need for more strategic skillsets among their senior leaders, and information overload brought about by Big Data. A major barrier to decision making that’s often overlooked, however, is bureaucracy.



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