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Steve Newhall, Managing Partner, Leadership & Talent Consulting, UK

Business leaders spend significant amounts of time designing and agreeing upon strategy but comparatively little time thinking about their culture.

In a 2014 Korn Ferry survey, while 72% of executives agreed that culture is extremely important to organizational performance, only 32% believed their own organization’s culture is aligned to its business strategies.

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We create organizational cultures as we go along, sometimes consciously, often unconsciously—but always through decisions. When leaders decide to build a powerhouse of excellence, they start by asking themselves what needs to change and what should stay the same.

The more you gain the more you have to lose. This fact often pressures leaders into spending more time defending their positions than they do in listening to new ideas.

The one word every leader should avoid is, “But…”

The word “but” signals that your brain has quickly conjured up reasons for not taking a risk, for not choosing to do something different, or for not considering that past successes should not provide the blueprint for going forward in the future.

Your Powerful and Overprotective Brain



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