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Dr. Lola Gershfeld, CEO, Level Five Executive

One of the least talked about subjects in board governance is the human condition. When it comes down to it, all board members and CEOs are emotional beings who instinctually crave emotional connection. These connections are essential to overall board performance. How directors feel about each other directly impacts the efficacy of the board.

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Stephanie Chung, Executive Coach, Sales Mentor and Business Advisor

Every leader is different... some are natural-born leaders and others worked hard to develop such respected skills. The commonality is the final product: An influential executive. However, being CEO can definitely continue to be an intimidating position considering the amount of responsibility and accountability leaders have. Therefore, it’s imperative to always seek ways to sharpen your leadership skills to become the executive you aspire to be. We all have room for improvement.

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Jackie Barretta, Author, Primal Teams

Sometimes it pays to reveal your emotions. I remember the day my boss called me into his office and asked me to address an angry complaint from one of our largest customers. While he visibly kept his cool as he explained the customer’s concerns, I could tell that the customer’s phone call had deeply upset him. After a brief chat, I left his office to deal with the situation, casually saying, “I’m sorry you had to field such an upsetting call first thing in the morning.” He actually snapped at me. “I am not upset!” That reaction dropped my trust in him a few notches. If he couldn’t own up to his true feelings, what else might he be trying to hide?



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