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Hal Rosenbluth, Chairman & CEO, New Ocean Health Solutions 

Face it, we’re all going to die; it’s just a matter of when. Given that fact, you’d think we’d do a lot better job to ensure that while we live, we do our best to enjoy life as healthy and happy individuals. So, do we? And equally important, do we help those we employ do the same?

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Derek Newell, CEO, Jiff

Over 100 million US workers receive health insurance through their employers. And provisions in the Affordable Care Act give those companies additional incentives to help their employees be more proactive about their health. As a result, HR departments are spending more time and money on employee health and wellness than ever before. For self-insuring employers looking to control costs -- and smart employees looking to control health insurance premiums-- robust and engaging employee health programs can be a great solution.

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Barbara Jaurequi, MS, LMFT, MAC

Why certain employees are “really difficult” to deal with isn’t always clear. Some are simply annoying or interpersonally inept. However, some difficult employees may be legitimately mentally ill and in need of professional intervention.

Consider that, according to the National Association of Mental Health, incidences of mental illness in the workplace are not uncommon. The NAMH reports that an estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. Many of these disorders can cause the sufferers to demonstrate symptoms remarkably similar to the personal traits of someone who is simply obnoxious.


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