Three Choices That Will Make You an Accelerator

By Craig W. Ross



Accelerators can be found in every level of every organization; they get those around them to the point of realized potential more quickly and create faster, more efficient results. But, what is an Accelerator and how do you know if you can call yourself one? Here are three deliberate choices leaders can make to increase their potential, and that of their teams, to become Accelerators.

By reducing the Employee Engagement challenge to surveys and project management when it is really more a matter of institutional soulcraft, you run the risk of taking unearned comfort in the illusion of rigor: “This must be valid. There are many numbers, and many of those numbers have several decimal places!” You also run a serious--and ironic--risk of causing them to dis-engage by treating people as resources or capital assets rather than as important contributors to the cause.



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