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Dmitri Petrov & Denis Kourakin, NGX Bio

Startup entrepreneurs and scientists are generally painted with very different brushes in popular culture, and in turn, in people’s imaginations. While startup entrepreneurs are generally depicted as young, forward thinking, movers and shakers playing ping pong and using macbooks in hammocks in open plan Silicon Valley palaces, scientists are generally thought of as older, lab coated, eccentric Einstein lookalikes playing with potions in laboratories.

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Dr. Liz Alexander, Author, FOUND: Transforming Your Unlimited Ideas into One Sustainable Business

In April 2015, Nina Mufleh crafted a well-researched and thoughtful whitepaper outlining why Airbnb should consider expanding into the Middle East. She wasn’t yet part of their marketing team, but wanted to be. This was her audacious attempt to attract a job offer from the company. Within minutes of posting the link on Twitter, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and CMO Jonathan Mildenhall invited her in for a chat.


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