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Kris Finstad, CEO & Founder, ContentChecked

According to a report from National Venture Capital Association, in 2015 the venture capital ecosystem distributed $58.8 billion to startups across the U.S., an increase from $48.3 billion in 2014 and a clear indicator of the continued growth of the entrepreneurial market. However, penetrating the U.S. market is a challenge in and of itself due to the sheer size, population and the growing number of startups flocking to the states. Statistics have shown that only 10 percent of startups launching in the U.S. are successful. This daunting truth can be attributed to a variety of reasons including culture clashes, differences in business practices, and the competitiveness of the startup scene.

the ceo magazine, entrepreneurship,
Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of C-Suite Network

When I decided to write my third book, Think Big, Act Bigger, I wanted to make sure my readers would get some practical takeaways. Something they could apply to their business regardless of industry. So I decided to make it a compilation of anecdotes and real-life stories aimed at inspiring entrepreneurs.

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Carmit Yadin, Author, “How to BOOM B2B Sales”

You have an idea. You start a company. You develop, refine and produce your solution or product.

You stand back and take rightful pride in your creation. Now what?

You have to sell it!



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