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Angie Morgan, Co-founder, Lead Star

Entrepreneurialism.  When most hear that word they think excitement, adventure, and unlimited opportunities.  While true, there are other words that complete the picture: Stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 11 years.  While the journey has been worthwhile, it hasn’t been easy.  During those dark, difficult days when you wonder how you’ll make payroll, or whether the purchase order will come through, you need to rely on something to keep you going.

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Jenny Q. Ta, CEO, Sqeeqee
Businesses fail for all sorts of reasons: poor planning, lack of cash flow, not understanding the market, treating customers poorly and much more.
As a successful entrepreneur, author and CEO of Sqeeqee, the first-of-its-kind social networthing® site, I have found that these are the five common mistakes that entrepreneurs make:
the ceo magazine, entrepreneurship
Jeff Pintar, founder of Pintar Investment Company

Since founding Pintar Investment Company--a vertically integrated real estate services company and advisor to both institutional and individual investors, the company has experienced a tremendous amount of trying times. As its owner, I have gained insight from these experiences that may be beneficial for other entrepreneurs.

The best advice I can give to those looking to start a business, is be prepared to “fail your way to success” and build a team with a resilient mindset that will keep going despite the odds or setbacks. 



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