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Linda Fisher Thornton, CEO, Leading in Context LLC

It is easy to name the reasons for leading ethically that revolve around preventing problems - complying with laws and regulations, reducing employee complaints and preventing lawsuits, for example. But what about the many opportunities that proactive ethical leadership provides to the leaders and organizations who embrace it?

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While most of us try to be truthful, we all lie on occasion. Some lies are minor (“Of course you don’t look fat in that outfit!”) and many are the “white lies” of everyday discourse (“This is the one product you cannot live without.”) In most cases, these lies do not cause harm and do not brand the liar as generally untrustworthy. But once you lie to someone about a matter of importance, you have damaged your relationship with that person in a way that is not easily mended.

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Gary E. McCullough

In theory, many people think ethical issues are simple, cut and dried questions to answer or situations to be resolved. However, the reality is that most ethical dilemmas, particularly those faced in the workplace, are much more subtle. In real life, no one tells you that you’re about to find yourself in an ethical dilemma, or necessarily the clear-cut way to address it.



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