Michael Adebisi, Director, NewTime Consulting, Ltd.

Project finance is complex and involves many risks. That’s why it’s important to understand the context when embarking on international development initiatives. To help executives navigate opportunities and minimize risks, here are eight critical factors that will ensure better international project finance outcomes.

Travel is essential to SME success in today’s global, hyper-connected workplace. Employees working with customers across the country or throughout the world is not uncommon – in fact, it’s quickly becoming the norm. While travel is essential to developing and maintaining important relationships, providing needed support and securing new business, this piece of your company’s budget can also be one of the most expensive elements of your operating budget.

William R. Seagraves, President & Founder, CatchFire Funding

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, it’s always smart to have a game plan. Living in the moment is a great mantra, just not if you’re a business owner. In order to get the results you desire, preparation is key – and that includes determining how to finance your business. The way you fund your business will have a significant effect on its eventual success so you definitely want to do your research and think deeply about all the options.



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