It’s that time of year. There are holiday open houses, luncheon get-togethers and company parties.  While retail operations are in full swing many service businesses like mine find that this is a difficult time of year when it comes to productivity. There are lots of reasons. Customers are trying to get ready for the holidays or wrap up the year so many projects get stalled. They are also reluctant to start new projects. Employees are busy trying to attend family holiday events or prepare for visits. Some are trying to get in vacation time before they lose it.

There is no doubt about it. It is hard to keep things moving along during the holidays. Clients are busy trying to wrap up their year-end and are pressing with last minute requests before budgets disappear. There are projects that they need to get rolling in 2014 after the long holiday season. There are extended vacations. There are stops and starts because Christmas and the New Year fall within the week. Let’s face it… it is a wonder anything can get done. Staying productive during this or any holiday season requires a huge effort. There are a few different schools of thought about how to accomplish that.


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