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John Pierce, Author, Sell More and Sleep at Night – Developing Relationships with Emotional Intelligence to Increase Sales

Senior leaders have learned there are many reasons for stalled sales and missed goals. Today we explore two concepts that can keep senior leaders better informed and help increase company sales:

1. The Math

“The Math” is an easy concept to understand, yet far too many companies avoid applying the concept. They may believe it does not apply to them.  The math is simply an analysis of past activities that produce accurate conversion rates during different sales cycles. Your math results allow you, as a leader, to better guide the sales and marketing organizations to achieve your company’s objectives.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to a group of individuals who are focused on selling to small and medium size businesses. I was trying to give them a snapshot of the profile of the small business owner and why we are very different than the large, complex customers they typically serve. While one should never view all small businesses under the same lens there are some things that I know are typical with the small businesses I work with around the country. To begin, small businesses make buying decisions quickly and usually consider a number of factors. Here are a few.

It’s a pretty obvious fact. When you are in a personal relationship each party has something to gain when things go well. Each party also has something to lose when it all goes south. We all have relationships with customers but what happens if you are your customer’s customer? Think about it. You provide goods or services to them and they provide something to you. I actually have that kind of relationship with a number of customers and it is interesting that these relationships move to a very different level quickly.



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