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Each year I aspire to teach my clients lessons that will help them improve their personal and professional lives and their businesses. But what many of them probably don’t realize is that I simultaneously learn as I teach. And even though I’ve been consulting for more than thirty-five years, each year and each client has a new lesson to teach. Here are my top ten for 2016:

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Soren Kaplan, Founder, InnovationPoint

Most corporate visions and missions sound alarmingly alike: “Become the number one provider of blah, blah, blah.” These generic, broad-based goals might rev up sales teams, but they do little to spark ingenuity. Perhaps the worst thing a company can do is give “innovation marching orders” without any guideposts. That’s when the focus gets lost, teams spin their wheels, and innovation culture gets crushed.

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Brian Lynott, CEO, ATL Communications

For our look at the intersection of technology and business, I’m going to ask you one multiple-choice question:  Today’s typical CEO has earned their leadership training from (select one):

 A.  Business school   B.  Liberal arts   C.  Tech    D.  On the job training

Spoiler alert: “D” is a trick answer: all CEOs are continuously learning as they lead their companies into greater growth.  Setting that aside, the correct answer is “C.”



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