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Jack Bergstrand, Author, The Velocity Advantage

When faced with criticism, leaders usually utter some version of the same cliché: “complain all you want, but the view is pretty different when you’re in power.”

Presidents say it about the Oval Office. CEOs say it about the corner office. Shareholders say it about the boardroom.

The sentiment, of course, is that you never know the full measure of a problem until you’re in the driver’s seat.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and so on…

But is the view really that different, depending on where you sit?

the ceo magazine, job satisfaction,
Tim Leberecht, Author, The Business Romantic

It’s a tough talent world out there. While the economy is picking up, workers are disenchanted. Worldwide, as a recent Gallup poll shows, only 13% of them are engaged. Many employees feel disconnected from their leadership: Studies indicate that trust in business leaders is extremely low, and there is a concerning gap between management believing their staff is inspired by their company’s mission and how committed their employees truly are.

This past week we picked up a new client that had an immediate need for several videos. On less than a day’s notice two of my employees were on a plane on a Thursday to the client’s location.  Others back at the office started working on elements of the project. When the field team returned late Friday things were humming along. We had a plan.  We knew that included working on Saturday.  However, like most projects it turned out to be more complicated than anyone anticipated.



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