Is your organization stuck in the Engagement Paradox?

Time and again, we see that the more leaders try to manage engagement, the more disengaged their employees actually become.

So what causes this paradox?

It’s not that employees don’t want to be engaged; many are committed and loyal workers who come in early, stay late, and try hard in-between. But in today’s Era of Exhaustion, they are simply struggling to make it to the weekend. Employees are engaged, but they are also exhausted.

Short-sighted problem solving

During a conversation with a CEO client, he broke into a rant about the small mindedness of his leaders. “The world is rapidly changing,” he said. “If we don’t evolve, we’ll fail. We need a plan that is actionable to continually redefine excellence and be the example for the world.”

I asked him if his leaders weren’t’ acting because they didn’t know how to think strategically or they were resisting, thinking their jobs were to remain effective, efficient and excellent within the world they worked in today.


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