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Sheri Staak, Author, Tune In to WOW Leadership

Are today’s leaders ready to face the demands and changes of the future? Perhaps not, according to Global Leadership Forecast 2014/2015, a joint study by Development Dimensions International and The Conference Board. Research indicated that only 9 percent of HR leaders believed their leaders were “very ready” for the human capital challenge.

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Identifying and Developing Leaders and Future Leaders…Yes, the Need for Succession Planning

There are no strong companies, without having strong current leaders and a strong bench of emerging leaders. Although this has always been true, never in recent history has the need for outstanding leaders been more acute than it is today. In today’s challenging economy, CEO’s and senior executive teams are facing enormous challenges when it comes to achieving and sustaining breakthrough operating results. Globalization, economic change, more stringent regulation, and tougher governance make realizing shareholder value increasingly difficult.

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Alan R. Zimmerman, "The Payoff Principle: Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want Out of Life and Work”

The Problem

When you ask CEO’s what they want out of life and work, the two most common responses are “I just want to be happy” and “I want to be successful.”  And most CEO’s work very hard to achieve those and a number of other goals.

God bless them.  They work and work and work to achieve a measure of happiness and success.  Good for them!  After all, as I tell my audiences, it would be very embarrassing to be an unsuccessful workaholic.



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