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Trust-building is often considered a “soft” component of management – one that can be delegated to an HR committee, trotted out during team-building activities, or shelved altogether in lieu of more “concrete” strategic initiatives. While it’s true that the trust people have in you is intangible, that doesn’t mean paying attention to it is optional. If you want to have a high functioning business – and become a high-functioning leader – you simply can’t afford to ignore one of the most basic drivers of human relationships and your leadership effectiveness.

the ceo magazine, leadership
David Berman, President, RingCentral
How RingCentral Maintains Core Values During Rapid Growth

When Vlad Shmunis, RingCentral’s founder and CEO, brought me on to his team, he asked me to lead the company’s growth with larger customers and rally the organization to the next level. In startup mode, the team was very small, fast and intense. As a public company, he knew it would be important to pull together with onshore and offshore teams in the U.S., Europe, China, Russia, Ukraine and the Philippines. In short, we needed to scale the business, improve alignment, and change the way we work and communicate among a global workforce.

ceo magazine, leadership

Why do most training programs fail to change behavior? One of the main reasons is most of the programs focus on the characteristics of leadership. These are generally vague concepts that encapsulate a list of desirable attributes, such as, charisma, vulnerability, confidence etc., which are often unattainable or at odds. That is, they require an individual to move across a rather broad spectrum of abilities or to go against his innate styles.  



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