Every business leader is looking for the breakthrough solution or secret strategy that will launch their organization to the top. But what these people sometimes fail to realize is that the greatest innovation can be the leadership they display.

TV shows like Scandal and Ray Donovan have glamorized “fixers,” people who swoop in, handle crises and solve problems. However, I have found that fixers don’t always make the best leaders. In fact, CEOs and business leaders that are fixers may be unintentionally creating a dysfunctional team dynamic.

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Howard Fero and Rebecca Herman

The manager of a Major League Baseball team, the manager of a retail store, and the CEO of a Fortune 500 company all have at least one thing in common, they all need to manage a team, and they all need to determine how to get the most productivity and the greatest performance out of their people.  There are many ways to motivate a team, but not all are as successful as others, and one of the reasons for this is if we want to motivate a team we must create a winning culture, and motivation cannot be looked at as a singular occurrence.



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