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Known for his “You might be a redneck” one-liners, for almost thirty years stand-up comedian Jeff Foxworthy has helped audiences understand unique behaviors and credentials of rednecks.  Taking a lesson from this comedic icon and adding Bill Engvall’s observation that people give us “signs,” I offer the following seven signs that your leadership might need some attention:

ceo magazine, leadership
Vinay Nadig

You are a CEO or a business unit leader. Ultimately your success depends upon the breadth and depth of leadership you are able to grow amongst your teams. Of course you want to do this. If it’s not innate nature, then by now you have probably been subjected to countless “gurus” who have cajoled and persuaded you and your organization to adopt nurturing your subordinates and transforming your organization.

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One day, he was sitting on top of the world with a $1-million salary and $5.5 million in stock options. The next day, his board asked him to resign in shame and embarrassment after being caught in a lie about a degree he said he had earned in the early 1980s from Stonehill College in Massachusetts. Who am I talking about?



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