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Amanda Setili, President, Setili & Associates

When a company has just been through a period on intense change or innovation, it’s tempting to take a breather. Our instinct is to let things settle into a steady state. We reach a plateau of learning, and wish to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

If you are like most business owners you are inundated with pitches for training, workshops and seminars to attend. They tout things like:

Learn the 7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Sales

Create a Culture of Success and Overcome

Obstacles One Day to Greatness

Attend this one-day leadership institute to interact with other women business owners and learn from industry and business development experts

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Probably everyone reading this article can ride a bike. In my neighborhood riding a bike was a rite of passage, a means of transportation, and a symbol of freedom. People from all walks of life and economic backgrounds know how to ride bikes. You might call it a universal success story of learning. And once you know how to ride a bike, you never forget.
What explains the success of this nearly universal skill acquisition? And what can these answers teach us about other kinds of learning? 



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