The traits that triathletes have and need are basically key contributors to success as a CEO. While triathletes and CEOs come from different backgrounds, range greatly in age and often take completely different approaches to training and working, they are all cut from the same cloth. That’s why there’s an instant camaraderie among us as we are all perceived to be crazy. The idiosyncrasies that justify jumping out of bed at 4 a.m. to fit a swim in are the same as the ones who drive the relentless pursuit of the right new hire, system, customer.

As we sat there pondering life on the Inca trail with our family this past New Years, my wife and I realized that this was the dismount on 15 years of core family travel. Our kids are now 24, 21, and 18. Significant others would surely be added to this group and other trips will take place, but our plan for our core family was complete. We reflected on how if we didn’t make a plan and commit, so many very special experiences would have never materialized. The joy we received was very special and time will tell how this impacts our kids.

None of this is going to seem like rocket science, but if you are like me making sure these items are clear and in place is the key to accomplishing an amazing future. When I do these four things well, my goals are realized. Can you get better at these?

1. Goal clarity. What are your goals? Are they somewhere in writing and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achieveable, Realistic, and Timely)? It seems easy and logical but it is amazing how few do it. When you do, they get clear, real, and in your head.



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