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Kim Christfort, National Managing Director, The Deloitte Greenhouse™ Experience team

In a time of accelerating change, increasing disruption, and heightened uncertainty, success demands unprecedented levels of resilience and flexibility from executives.  CEOs in particular must strike a dynamic balance between seemingly paradoxical priorities - embracing risk while mitigating it, exploring new, untested, business models while executing efficiently on the existing ones, capitalizing on proprietary expertise while challenging established orthodoxies, and of course driving short term yields while fueling long term opportunities [i].  It takes real mental and emotional energy to maintain these tensions as an individual.  But the challenge of leading a truly associative organization, one that can operate effectively while sustaining unresolved tensions, is best met by CEOs that can harness the diverse strengths inherent in their leadership team.

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M. Tamra Chandler, CEO & Co-founder, PeopleFirm

There is a revolution coming. Within the next decade, virtually all organizations of note will have swapped out their old-school, ineffective performance management programs for something far better suited to today’s chaotic, multi-generational, fast-changing business world. The vanguard is already shifting, with The Gap, Netflix, GE, and Adobe all tweaking or fully rebooting their performance programs. These early pioneers are already seeing positive results from their new approaches. Conversely, Yahoo has been sued for sticking with an outdated, numbers-driven and allegedly demeaning system. Executives are on the hook — for better or worse. 

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Gary Douglas

Empowering your team is about you, far more than it is about your team. As an unconventional leader, you start empowering them (and yourself) by giving up control.

You may desire to control everything, and if you are willing to let it go, you and your team will together create so much more than anything you alone can manage to control.


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