the ceo magazine, managing employees,
Russ Riendeau, PhD, Partner, Jobplex

Labor markets are as tight. Talent wars are in full regalia and you’re top employee just gave you the “Hey, boss, can I talk to you for a minute” request, as they lean in your office, holding themselves by one hand behind your door frame. You know what’s coming: They are resigning.

Yep, the person says they have another offer to join a different company. All the standard clichés, reasons and accolades for you and organization are delivered, but, in the end “’s time I leave here” is the final appeal.

the ceo magazine, managing employees,
Stacey Engle, Senior Vice President, Fierce, Inc.

Significant events over the past year—including the presidential election, the ever-growing millennial workforce and key technological advancements—have brought to light a number of issues. These events have created tension and given rise to new demands in the workplace.

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Dr. Jim Harter, Gallup

Understanding and focusing on individuals’ talents and strengths helps people unlock their true potential. We succeed when we spend more time doing what we’re best at, and companies struggling with productivity issues should consider adopting what we refer to as strengths-based management. In the new edition of its best-selling management book, First Break All the Rules, Gallup outlines how focusing on your employees’ individual strengths creates a workplace that fosters creativity, collaboration and productivity while establishing a foundation for growth.



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