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Mike Figliuolo, Co-author of Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results

“Steamroller” personalities can be caustic. They get results but at the expense of relationships and morale. Sometimes they’re outright aggressive and roll over people. Other times they’re passive aggressive and get results with no regard for the emotional or personal consequences of their behaviors. Regardless of how it manifests, these folks border on being office bullies who get results no matter the cost.

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There have been a few articles in various media outlets recently about how businesses will be shifting to more contract workers in lieu of hiring salaried workers through the year 2020.   However, this practice has already been going on for more than two decades at most of the major companies in the world, so with it being on even more of an upswing in the coming years, some practical discussion is warranted regarding the subject .

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John O. Alizor Phd

In every company there is at least one employee that feels that he or she knows more than the boss and everyone else.

I have always wrestled with how the bosses deal with the unleadables, specifically if they are top producers when it comes to the bottom line. Let me introduce to you Marywise, a top producer in a global financial company. She earns six figures in salary, bonuses, and commission. 



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