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Dr. Rob Fazio, Managing Partner, OnPoint Advising, Inc.

“I didn’t find the meeting valuable.” Years ago, those were the words in an email I was copied on to my boss. It was my first CEO executive coaching engagement, and all I knew was I never wanted to see those words again. I was confident that I was adding value, but what I learned is it wasn’t value aligned with this senior executive’s Motivational Currency.

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            Last month Syracuse University decided to pull its “kiss cam” after fan Steve Port wrote to complain that the common staple at sports venues “sends the wrong message at a time when colleges are fighting against sexual assault.” He claims he was just “out to raise an important issue.” That’s all it took, one fan with one agenda item that led to the university banning an iconic sporting event that no one, including Port, claims ever led to bad manners, much less criminal activity.

It’s the quest of many working people – work hard, do a good job and get promoted someday so you can be the boss. It’s the reward in most corporate cultures, to climb the ladder and be in charge. If most of us get to the top by climbing our way there, how come we forget what it’s like to be down in the ranks?


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