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John F Dowling

According to Susan Krause Whitbourne, Ph.D. “It is a well – known principle in social psychology that people define themselves in terms of social groupings and are quick to denigrate others who don’t fit into those groups. Others who share our particular qualities are in our ‘in-group’ and those who do not are in out-group.”  Unfortunately, this principle can manifest itself in how we treat our subordinates at work.   This concept was first brought to my attention during a Leadership Program at Rice University by D. Brent Smith, Ph. D.   Dr. Smith shared that we all do it some degree.  Sometimes the groupings are based on work performance, but most follow the definition of the principle, we keep close those who are like us and keep away those who are not.

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Karissa Thacker, Founder & President, Strategic Performance Solutions Inc.

Feedback has become the new f word in the workplace. It is starting to make people more uncomfortable than the other f word that you probably thought of. Delete the word “feedback” from your workplace vocabulary now. I will offer up some useful phrases that might actually promote productive, honest conversations. Here is the problem with the f word.

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 The December 15th edition of People reported that the Discovery Channel had filmed adventurer Paul Rosolie being eaten alive by a giant anaconda on December 7th.  But the magazine went to press too soon; it didn’t happen.

With sterling intentions, Rosalie donned a high-tech carbon fiber suit with breathing and communications systems to allow him to tangle with the planet’s most effective predator. With the cameras rolling, Rosalie entered the fray with a commitment to success, but he couldn’t go through with it. The snake did the predictable: it attempted to crush the life out of Rosalie and swallow him. Everyone knew this would happen, but apparently Rosalie didn’t realize how much he’d hate it.



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