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Working in the corporate world, I quickly became demotivated when I was told what to do. It was as if I did not know my job, was not trusted, engaged, or empowered—all necessary elements of a high-performing team.

I challenged my boss one day when she came into my office telling me what I needed to do. Her instruction made me feel unimportant, I said.

“How should I manage you?” she asked in turn.

I suggested she try asking me and other team members instead of telling us; engaging us made us a more productive team.

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Dr. Laurent M. Lapierre, Professor, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

In the past, leadership theory and practice has traditionally favored the leader in discussions of how leadership can advance organizational effectiveness. But what about the follower and the part they have to play?  

Followers are essential to any organization. Without followers you have no leaders and without proactively engaged followers there is little room for company growth. Proactive followers are not “yes people.” They support their leaders by questioning their assumptions and offering competing views on how to overcome important challenges. In the current climate, a lack of proactive followership may lead to company-wide failure.



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