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It’s no secret that everyone has a digital footprint, providing companies with a plethora of information on past actions, interests, patterns and beyond. For retailers that properly utilize this information, personalization can be taken to a new level. And, the more technology advances, the more it's integrated into ones daily life and the lines between what people do online and what people do in real life begin to merge. As these lines merge, customers expect an omni-channel (not multi-channel) experience, a fully integrated and seamless experience regardless if they are shopping via desktop, a mobile device or in a physical store.

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Marc Dube, Founder & President, ActiveBlogs

Many claim blogging is dead—a marketing tool of the past. They incorrectly assume that since individuals and companies have been blogging for 10 years, there’s nothing left to write. Meanwhile, 70 percent of marketers surveyed stated that they are creating more content now than they did in the previous year (Source: Content Marketing Institute). Just think, at one time, companies did not believe they needed a website, believing it was just a fad––how times have changed! Producing high-quality content and consistently posting it on a company blog provide organizations with a valuable tool to attract prospects, deliver the information they seek, and turn them into satisfied customers.

~~In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, writer Ben Fritz talks about Disney’s ability to turn movie hits into “Profits Ever After.” Each movie mega hit becomes its’ own franchise, with a dedicated team focused on turning that movie hit into successful and profitable rides, toys, clothes, video games and more. In the advertising business, we would call this “having legs.”



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