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Nancy O’Keefe, Author, Fighting The Talent Battle: How To Update Your Arsenal and Win the War

Finding great employees is a top problem organizations struggle with today. It is getting more and more difficult to attract, motivate and retain employees with the skills that are needed in a fast-changing business and technological world. Business leaders should be looking for the problem solvers, the innovative thinkers, the adaptable leaders and those with strong emotional intelligence to build the skills into organizations that are needed today and will be needed tomorrow. These skills and characteristics are becoming harder and more expensive to find. It currently costs about 2x salary to acquire a new hire and that price tag is going up as the supply of those skills become scarce. 

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Jon Mertz, Author, Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders

Millennials have been raked over with many inaccurate stories and headlines. There is no reason to rehash old stories. Anyone can “Google” and see the past. The good news is we seem to be over the negative hype, and we have settled into other news. One of the big lessons learned from negative Millennial article boom and bust is that it is the CEO’s duty to prepare and care for the next generation.

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Ted Bagley, Author, “The Success Factor: Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Corporate America”

In the corporate community, the primary focus for the majority of companies is on identifying, recruiting, training and retaining top and “key-to-retain” talent. Many companies are excellent in the front-end activity, but are very short-sighted in the back-end foundational initiatives such as coaching, mentoring and engagement of that talent, which are the true retainer solutions.



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