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Nick Craig, President, Core Leadership Institute

Congratulations: You’re at the top of your organization or field. CEO, CFO, chairperson, award winner…

Most executives and high-achievers have a predictable narrative as to how they expect their journey to turn out, from moving up the ranks in their organizations to reaching a coveted position, often with a fancy title and all the perks it entails All the while, they push aside the little voice at the back of their mind saying,: “Nobody can stay at the top or in their dream position forever. Life changes. Businesses change. Retirement happens. Then what?”

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Riaz Khadem

Add up all the time wasted doing things that aren’t important in your organization—by you, your direct reports and those reporting to you indirectly. You’ll probably end up with a large number. That number represents your organization’s misalignment.

We once facilitated an executive session with a large company that included three levels of managers. A manager and her direct report volunteered for an exercise you may wish to try in your company.

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Chas Klivans

The journey of Yahoo has been sad to watch...because it was preventable.

Sometimes our human frailty leads us to get enraptured with our company's 30,000 feet vision. During the consulting engagement to assist the Saint Joseph of Orange’s Board of Directors with their hospital system's five year growth plan; we in the suits were pitching that the system needed to generate a profit, yet the Sisters on the other side of the board table were certain their purpose in life was service to the poor. The talk grew heated, neither side backing down.



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