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Ash Patel, CEO, Commercial Bank of California

Commercial Bank of California has achieved a record-breaking growth of 400 percent in just three years. The foundation for this growth comes from an atypical leadership style and our commitment to building an institution to which all stakeholders—employees, customers, executive management, investors and the community—are proud to be a part.

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Dr. Rob Fazio, Managing Partner, OnPoint Advising, Inc.

“I didn’t find the meeting valuable.” Years ago, those were the words in an email I was copied on to my boss. It was my first CEO executive coaching engagement, and all I knew was I never wanted to see those words again. I was confident that I was adding value, but what I learned is it wasn’t value aligned with this senior executive’s Motivational Currency.

What motivates sales managers

Sales management is expected to keep the front line—the sales team—motivated to contribute to the company’s bottom line.

But, how can someone motivate others if they themselves are not motivated?

You already know that motivation is not something you do to another. You can only motivate yourself. As the sales manager, all you can do is create an environment in which each team member motivates themselves.

So, what motivates sales managers? How do they stay motivated? We can draw valuable insights from the results of the Insigniam 2014 Middle Management Survey.



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