You have seen them in nearly every professional setting: those not-so-subtle posters that display visually stimulating photographs complemented by inspiring quotes.  As motivational spins on subliminal messaging, these photos – and a host of other similarly designed gadgets – are meant to encourage perseverance, leadership, teamwork, customer service, and other productive behaviors.

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Any discussion of motivation should begin with an analysis of people who have shown great application of it. Arguably, those whom Fortune ranks among the wealthiest in the world might make the list, especially if money were the only criteria for measuring motivation. It’s not, but it does provide a way of looking at the score after the game. It offers no clues about what got the person on the list in the first place, however.

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Steven Mundahl

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Weiner and General David Petraeus all share something in common. They were all intelligent leaders who indulged in self-destructive, risky behavior. As I began writing a book on authentic leadership, I found myself drawn to research the reasons behind such actions. Together with my wife, a psychotherapist and business coach, we discovered that Americans leaders have NOT lost their collective willpower or hit an all-time ethics low.



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