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Jim Dewald, Dean, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, and author, Achieving Longevity

Businesses fail. They fail fast and they fail often. Research indicates that over 50 per cent of new firms fail within five years, and 75 per cent are gone in ten years.  So what is different about the firms that survive?  The answer is that they are the firms that are successful in recreating themselves, in continuing to engage entrepreneurial thinking on an equal footing with strategy.

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When people talk about the inner contradictions of an organization, they frequently refer to “culture,” that omnipresent word that describes all pleasant and unpleasant by-products of decisions. But they seldom identify the real problem—the decisions that create the traps. Here are ten examples of how that happens:

Ruth Ross, Speaker, Author, Engagement Evangelist

Most times, when we hear the word engagement we immediately travel to that exciting moment when two people come together and pledge love, dedication and the remainder of their lives together. But engagement is more than the magical moment that occurs between two people. Engagement is the act of pledging yourself and dedicating yourself not just to a person, but also to a mission, a vision and a purpose. It can occur at an exquisite level between your heart and soul and career. We all desire to feel highly connected with what we do.



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