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Marlene Chism, Author, No-Drama Leadership: How Enlightened Leaders Transform Culture in the Workplace

A CEO once told me during a coaching session to discuss unusually high turnover, “We have a high accountability culture and some people just don’t like being held accountable.” One reason accountability does not work is because accountability can be used improperly: as a tool for punishment rather than a means of measuring results. 

the ceo magazine, accountability,
Mike Goldman, Author, Performance Breakthrough: The 4 Secrets of Passionate Organizations

One of the big challenges I hear from CEOs all the time is, “I can’t seem to find a way to hold my team accountable”. The leadership team has seemingly productive meetings where they define priorities and assign responsibilities and then nothing gets done. Lack of accountability has a devastating impact on an organization.

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How can leaders move beyond assigning blame and putting out fires?  Start with an arson investigation that includes looking for these early warning signs:

1. An inability among senior leaders to articulate the organization’s strategy

Most leaders can explain what they plan to do this week or this quarter, but fewer have the ability to put into words exactly why the company is in business, how they make money, where they want to be in five years, and what differentiates them from the competition. 



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