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Dennis C. Miller, Speaker. Author. Leadership Coach. CEO

Life has taught me a lot of things that I could never have learned in a classroom. Especially since I never excelled in the classroom as a kid. Rising above challenges is a key part of life and a major ingredient in becoming a successful leader. Every time I failed or fell down in life, I was determined to get back up on my feet and become stronger. I became more motivated to succeed. A friend once told me that the best form of revenge was success.  I think that’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten. But there are 10 other life lessons that have helped me find my true path to becoming a leader and achieving my goals.

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Shelley Row

“I’ll be thinking about things over and over and over again and it’s swirling around.” - Director, Engineering Consulting Firm

We all do it. Churn and agitate.  Analyze and rationalize.  Over-thinking wastes time and reduces productivity.  How do you stop over-thinking while not short-changing evaluation of relevant information? As an accomplished over-thinker, I have considerable experience with analysis paralysis. Today, I’m a recovering over-thinker largely due to brain science.  Neuroscience illuminates the dynamic inside the brain and provides a surprising solution. 

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Bret Jorgensen, Chairman & CEO, MDVIP

I’m an experience junkie.

I’m an avid helicopter skier and snowboarder with more than 1,300 backcountry heli drops. I’ve completed the New York City Marathon and the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon.

I’ve skydived solo, bungee jumped in New Zealand, dove with great white sharks off South Africa, trekked in Bhutan, and hiked to the Mount Everest base camp.



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