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Patrick J. Stroh, President, Mercury Business Advisors

CEOs and entrepreneurs never get a moment’s rest.  You pour tremendous volumes of blood, sweat and tears into creating and launching your new product or business—and then, before you have a chance to catch your breath, all that hard work is in jeopardy of becoming irrelevant.  Customers are capricious, and as their wants, needs and expectations change, your company must shift to meet them.

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When senior leaders consistently make good decisions, little else matters; when they make bad decisions, nothing else matters. Effective decision-making stands at the center of executive leadership and organizational success. As leaders climb the ladder to top positions, others call on them regularly to solve problems and occasionally to make decisions. At the top, these two critical functions define most of a leader’s day—the crucibles of destiny—the leader’s and the organization’s. Each time leaders engage in either, they stand at a pivot—a turning point that will take the company in directions that will contribute to success or demise.

the ceo magazine, leadership
John S. Medley, PhD

As an entrepreneur or chief executive officer, you may find yourself to be successful because you believe in yourself, a higher being, or you practice a daily routine of a healthful diet, exercise, and rest. Thus, you may feel that you are a master of your domain and in possession of an inner mental strength that is self-proven. Others may base the strength of their success solely on their religion.



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