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Kate Purmal and Lisa Goldman, Co-authors, The Moonshot Effect: Disrupting Business as Usual

CEO of software company Versaic, Burt Cummings learned the hard way about the importance – and power – of making effective requests. After getting into circular and totally unproductive loops with team members involving miscommunications and missed deadlines, Burt got some advice from team Goldman that turned the whole situation around. “I learned that ambiguity is the enemy of results. I – and my entire team – was lacking clarity about expectations, deadlines and results. Once I adopted the magic formula, everything changed. We were able to move faster, accomplish more and cut the stress dramatically.”

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Lisa Messenger, Author, Daring & Disruptive

When describing the life of a CEO, ‘busy’ doesn’t cut it. Be they at the start of their business journey when every dollar counts, or helming a team of hundreds, a CEO is usually spread thinner than that precious last scrape of Nutella. Budgets, reports, legal issues, people management and operational issues make up the day, escalating as you grow. What you invest in personally becomes crucial to success and here are three things I’ve learnt not to skimp on along the way:

the ceo magazine, productivity,
Dr. William A. Schiemann, CEO, Metrus Group

Who wouldn’t like to be more fulfilled?  If you’re not feeling totally fulfilled, you’re not alone.  Even if you are fulfilled, the odds are that many of your managers and employees are not, according to new study conducted by Metrus Institute.  In fact, few Millennials and only some Gen Xers describe their lives as fulfilled.



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