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Wendy Raizin, Founder & Designer at Raizin Design

While working as an investment banker within New York’s famous financial district, I made the bold decision to pursue my creative eye through interior design. Since launching my business, Raizin Design, LLC, in 2002, I have turned my passion into profit by making a name for myself as a “designer for the stars,” creating and executing high-end home designs for the likes of Hollywood director Judd Apatow.

On Motivating Others The CEO Magazine
Jeff Gitterman

As an employer, my interest is in creating long term changes that hopefully lead to better moral and ethical decisions from both me and my employees. With this in mind, I’ve generally found that there are two ways to go about motivating others.

Joey Reiman

There’s a new leader in town and he is lighting it up. Meet the brightest light in your company— your new CEO or Chief Energy Officer. No skill will be more important for tomorrow’s leaders than the ability to generate and mobilize the energy of his workforce into a life force. That’s because energized people are turned on by what they do.



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