Revel Gordon, Director, International Coach Federation Australasia

It is often impossible to predict the challenges a leader will face on any given day, let alone weeks or months into the future. In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) reality, personal resilience is one of the most powerful capabilities executives need in order to succeed. Fortunately, resilience - the capacity to deal with and bounce back from challenges - is a developable capability. Here are some practical and evidence-based ways to do so.

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Doug Hensch, President, DRH Group 

Both the Democratic and Republican candidates for President of the United States have “unfavorable” ratings by the general public that have never been seen before. Attack ads are the norm and the personal insults thrown by each side get louder, every day. The American public is getting weary of all this negativity and it’s sapping our resilience while pushing us further apart as a society.

Gigi Stetler, Author, Unstoppable! Surviving is Just the Beginning

It’s no secret that our world is still in the grips of a major recession. Whether it is a personal financial crisis due to unemployment or the need to secure financing to get a business off the ground, the current economic climate calls for what I like to call "SurThrival Mode.” What do I mean by that? Let me use my story as an example.

I can tell you that my life story is perseverance personified. It illustrates that, whatever strife you are facing (aside from any life-endangering illness), not only will you survive it, but you can thrive. But, it's all about your attitude.


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