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John F. Dowling

Barron’s (May 16, 2016) has reported that Macy’s stock price has slipped 15%, Kohl’s is down double digits and even Nordstrom was down almost 9%.  However, consumer spending was up, especially online sales. Does this spell the end for brick and mortar stores?  Hardly!  When was the last time you enjoyed an online meal?  Not a meal ordered from a restaurant online and then had it delivered, but even if you did, it’s not the same as going out to dine at a restaurant. Dining out is an event. Big Retail needs to understand the same dynamics about shopping. Not all shopping is an event, but some of it is and more of it should be.

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Aaron Allred, Founder & CEO, Simple Finance

We have conversations with hundreds of retailers every month, and one topic emerges in nearly every conversation: the number of customers leaving a store empty-handed because they didn’t qualify for credit.


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