Trends can be very difficult to recognize or predict early on. In the early days of MySpace and Facebook, who would have predicted it to be the start of a multi-billion dollar industry? Whether you’re on board or not, industry trends will take you in directions you have no control over. Trends are like waves in the ocean, and businesses, both big and small, have to navigate their ebbs and flows.

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Wain Kellum, CEO, Vocalocity

I have been fortunate enough to have been the CEO of six fast-growth companies, and I have worked with or served thousands of other businesses. I have learned that every business has many things that make it unique, but the one thing all businesses have in common is that they could benefit from more revenue. You want to grow; you want to expand; you want to succeed! But, as you grow, you don’t want to disrupt the formula that has driven your company thus far. So, what’s the best way to continue growing a company that is already successful?


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