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John Ristuccia, Vice President, Professional Services, Optymyze

When introducing any incentive compensation plan changes, consider these five steps to keep the sales team engaged and eager to meet their goals.

At a time of constant change and ever-growing competition, a company’s sales compensation plan is one of the most powerful tools it has to improve sales performance by influencing sales behaviors. To be most effective, company leadership must ensure an agile approach to help the sales organization adapt to rapid changes in the market, competitive landscape and the company itself. But introducing any changes to how salespeople are compensated can be met with significant resistance, and if not handled properly, can lead to resentment, lower productivity, and higher turnover among the sales team at a time when they are needed most.

the ceo magazine, sales management,
Brian W. Sullivan, co-author of SANDLER ENTERPRISE SELLING:  Winning, Growing, And Retaining Major Accounts

In selling, we all work with logical groupings of our accounts, both clients and prospects, to add clarity to our sales and service efforts. For example, we group by industry, account size, geography, and commercial vs. public sector. We create these groupings to be more effective and efficient in our efforts to win business and expand accounts.

the ceo magazine, sales management,
John Pierce, Author, Sell More and Sleep at Night – Developing Relationships with Emotional Intelligence to Increase Sales

Senior leaders have learned there are many reasons for stalled sales and missed goals. Today we explore two concepts that can keep senior leaders better informed and help increase company sales:

1. The Math

“The Math” is an easy concept to understand, yet far too many companies avoid applying the concept. They may believe it does not apply to them.  The math is simply an analysis of past activities that produce accurate conversion rates during different sales cycles. Your math results allow you, as a leader, to better guide the sales and marketing organizations to achieve your company’s objectives.



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