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In management, as in sales, who should be making the commitment—you or your buyer?

If you said you, you will want to change your ways. You are caught up in traditional management and sales techniques and need to do the opposite.

The opposite to making a commitment is gaining a commitment by engaging and empowering the other person—the buyer. 

the ceo magazine, sales management,

If you are a small business owner, independent contractor, or have any career in which you predominantly work for yourself, you've probably experienced a time when you've been without clients or otherwise out of work. This is always incredibly stressful; even if you've got money in the bank, at some point you can't help but worry that you'll never work again. You wonder how you're going to pay your bills, and what will happen if you're out of work for more than a couple weeks. Then the minute you get a new job, client, or contract, you most likely throw yourself right into the work. You get excited, devote all your time to it, and get everything accomplished quickly and efficiently. After all, getting the job done with speed and thoroughness is the best way to serve yourself, isn't it?

ceo magazine, sales
Meridith Elliott Powell, Author, Winning In The Trust & Value Economy

When the economy started to struggle in late 2008, so did the consumer—emotionally, as well as financially. At first, consumers, like businesses, contentedly waited for the economy to bounce back. But, as the bounces took longer and were far less impressive than expected, consumer confidence began to wane.



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