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Charles E. Knadler, CEO, EnerBank USA

Innovation is great for businesses, but it’s no good if the company neglects to execute on the fundamentals.

Concentrating on the fundamentals in a bull market on Wall Street can help companies weather the storm and even thrive in a bear market. Companies that ignore the fundamentals should be prepared to take a hit during a recession, sometimes well beyond the ones experienced by their competitors. The fundamentals apply to everything from governance and management all the way to individual employee tasks.

Did you ever wonder what a procurement officer or buyer is thinking? Did you ever ask the buyer of your goods or services what they need? Did you ever wonder what drives a buyer crazy? Wonder no more! I have been reading and re-reading a book called “Feedback! Sales Advice from the Buyers Desk.”

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In management, as in sales, who should be making the commitment—you or your buyer?

If you said you, you will want to change your ways. You are caught up in traditional management and sales techniques and need to do the opposite.

The opposite to making a commitment is gaining a commitment by engaging and empowering the other person—the buyer. 


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