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Rick Wong, Author, Winning Lifelong Customers with The Five Abilities

Whether you’re the CEO or a sales representative, you’re a seller. You know that in order for your company to be competitive, you’ve got to continually make new sales.

Still, it isn’t enough to just make sales. In this business environment, you’ve got to do such a stellar job for your customers that they return to you again and again – and become lifelong customers.

There’s just one problem: Such sellers are a minority.

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Kraig Kleeman, Author, A Winning Brand: How to Build a Powerful, Personal Brand in Today's Modern, Digital World

Sales professionals of the world, I see you back there, lurking behind your email. Come on out, so we can have a talk. I know why you’re hiding. After all, quite a few thought leaders in the sales industry say that cold calling is dead. They say we should restrict all our sales activity to the digital world, like email and social media selling. Sellers have started to hide behind their emails and their social media selling, and they are abandoning the strongest weapon in their arsenal: the telephone. Now, I’m not trying to devalue digital practices. I strongly believe in them. But, as effective as they can be, cold calling is still one of the best things a sales professional can do to win business.

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Martin Limbeck, Author, NO Is Short for Next Opportunity – How Top Sales Professionals Think

It’s happened to even the best sales professionals and business leaders: you give a stellar presentation and everything is going smoothly.  You’re pretty sure you’ve got the deal in the bag and then it happens: the client says, “I’m sorry.  We really like what you have to offer, but it’s too expensive for us at this time.”

But before you panic, all is not lost.  Price is one of the most common objections we get in sales.  After all, who wouldn’t want to pay less?  Next time you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath, relax and try some of these techniques to help you seal the deal. 



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