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Nikolaus Kimla, CEO, Pipeliner Sales Inc. 

The inner-workings of business can be a tricky game. Prospects looking to invest to any degree in your company must be skillfully shown their need for your product or service in such a way that they become convinced of it. It then turns into the ultimate chase of gently but firmly closing the deal.

The factor of competition adds a whole other layer to a business strategy. Some businesses chose to virtually ignore competition; others simply do their best to knock it if it comes up during the sales cycle; still others will go as far as to lie about it to prospects in an effort to kick it out of their minds.

ceo magazine, sales
Meridith Elliott Powell, Author, Winning In The Trust & Value Economy

When the economy started to struggle in late 2008, so did the consumer—emotionally, as well as financially. At first, consumers, like businesses, contentedly waited for the economy to bounce back. But, as the bounces took longer and were far less impressive than expected, consumer confidence began to wane.



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